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Top Benefits of Working With a Reputable Architect… and How to Find One

Thinking of building the home or office of your dreams? If so, now is the perfect time to start searching for a reputable architect… BEFORE purchasing supplies or hiring contractors.


The Planning Phase

It’s crucial to get an architect involved early on to avoid the common mistakes people often make when planning for new construction. People sometimes think they know enough about designing the layout of a home or office without the need to spend extra for a professional to help them out in this stage. This can be a very costly mistake.


What an Architect Can Do For You

A good architect will be skilled at securing planning and zoning approvals, performing site studies, and providing invaluable guidance and direction when it comes to making sure that your new design fits the real-life, practical needs you will be using the building for.


Great architects do more than just layout where walls and doors will be. They are skilled at listening to what the needs of each client are, and are trained problem solvers. They can help find solutions to challenges you are facing, and suggest alternative ways of achieving goals for less cost.


Stephen Vosper with Architecture Incorporated  (, in Boulder, Colorado, has this to say about the importance of working with a reputable architect:


“People often underestimate the power of good design, and how it benefits our lives and our world.   Working with an experienced architect, the natural wisdom and creativity of the client can be powerfully increased, and the value that brings to a project is immeasurable.  Dreams can be transformed into reality, in a process that is trustworthy, satisfying and cost effective.”


Finally, in this day and age of energy conservation, a good architect can suggest ways to build in an environmentally sound way that will be good for both the environment AND you pocket book when it comes to monthly energy expenses.


How to Find a Reputable Architect

Locating the right architect for you should involve doing a bit of research both on the internet, as well as locally in your own neighborhood. First, ask your family and friends if they’ve worked with a good architect in your area. Just keep in mind that they may not have much to compare their experience with.


Next, you can search for architects using a variety of online resources, including the popular Angie’s List or even local newspapers or magazine.  National Architect Organizations, such as the American Institute of Architects ( also have Architect Finders that allow you to search for members in your area ( .


Questions to Ask

Once you find a firm you believe to be reputable, it’s time to ask them some questions:


1.       Who will handle your job?

2.       Do they have time to take on your project right now?

3.       Have they designed similar projects in the past?

4.       What is an expected price range for their fees for this project?


The Right Architect for Your Job

The right architect will be the one who has the experience, knowledge, and creativity to reveal all the potential and possibilities you have to choose from, while at the same time keeping within your project budget.

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